Family Law


We handle all types of divorce.  We understand that any time you are considering a divorce it can be an extremely stressful time in life.  That's why we offer a free consultation to explain to you the options that you may have and the potential costs associated with those options.  We offer pricing options for all types of divorces from uncontested cases to divorces with property and children.


It's a common misconception that paternity cases are needed strictly to prove who the father is.  I many instances a paternity action is necessary to start the process of determining a custody arrangement.  While both parents may know who the father is it is important to also have the government recognize that paternity in order to determine the custody situation.  It's always beneficial to both parents to have a paternity case resolved through the court system so that neither parents rights are negatively impacted.  This also sets in place custody, child support and medical care for the minor child or children.  We know that this can be a complicated situation and are always happy to discuss the ins and outs of a paternity case with potential clients.

Child Custody

If you've already had a paternity case then often times you've already got a custody schedule in place.  But as a child gets older and their needs change it is often necessary to amend that parenting plan as well as the child support amounts that accompany it.  The Freiburger Law Firm is experienced in fighting for parents rights when it comes to custody and child support.


The Freiburger Law Firm handles both child and adult guardianship cases.  There are many reasons that could necessitate the need for a guardianship.  The most common child guardianship cases involve situations where their parent is unfit, unwilling or unable to complete the duties of being a parent.